Finding Beauty in the Small Church

If there was something great about small churches, wouldn't there be more people in them??? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes the greatness is disguised in a cloak of quirkiness and out-of-date Sunday school rooms, and people don't recognize the beauty inside. It's not hard to list off the potential down sides of small churches. Fewer programs,... Continue Reading →

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

What should you do when your chandelier is old and just has to go? Build a new one - but make it even older than the first one! Here is the one that is headed to our local Goodwill: Now... here's how we made our new/old one. We've compiled all of the materials and instructions... Continue Reading →

Who Is My Neighbor?

I grew up practically next door to the Jewish hub of Pittsburgh - a neighborhood with over 20 synagogues and where an estimated 40% of residents are Jewish. I didn't know it then, but I had a unique experience compared with many of my friends who grew up in other parts of the country. I thought it... Continue Reading →

We Want What We See

Before we go into stores (and while we are walking through them), I often tell my children, "Be careful, we want what we see!" It is true for them, and it is true for me. Too true, in fact! I didn't know that I desperately needed a new shelf or a collapsible strainer or a... Continue Reading →

Giving the Difference

"[North American Christians] are the richest people ever to walk the face of the earth. Period. Yet, most of us live as though there is nothing terribly wrong in the world. We attend our kids' soccer games, pursue our careers, and take beach vacations while 40 percent of the world's inhabitants struggle just to eat... Continue Reading →

Rockstar Party

When your 4-year-old calls herself a "rockstar-superstar-star" (pronounced as one word), says she has a superpower - "helping people", and can't get enough of the Vanna Banana Veggie Tales movie, there is only one logical birthday party theme: Rockstar.  It wasn't too hard to pull off! We taped up some black plastic tablecloths (Dollar Tree)... Continue Reading →

Frozen Party

So.... our two oldest kids have birthdays within a week of each other. And now they are both at an age where they have friends and they want to celebrate their birthdays with those friends. I have already warned (threatened/promised) that next year I will NOT be planning two separate birthday parties. They can share... Continue Reading →

Theology of Renovation

There is a deep kind of pleasure - more than just pride - that comes from creating something yourself. So powerful is this pleasure, that it drives us to make things that we know will not last. Gorgeous displays of art - in a cookie. Sculptures - made of snow. And more than just the... Continue Reading →

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