About Me

I’m a wife, a mom of four, an occasional foster parent, and a writer for YoungLives, Young Life’s mentoring ministry for teen moms. On the side, I am a craigslist, garage sale, and thrift store fanatic who loves to find (and make) creative, cheaper-than-retail solutions for home decor, storage, and whatever else we happen to need.

But I don’t just like renovation projects because I am particularly crafty. I don’t just shop at thrift stores because I like to save money. And I don’t appreciate re-purposed items just for their creativity. Nope.

My deepest joy in renovation and thrift stores and re-purposing boils down to one word: redemption. Every renovation and re-purposing reflects a deeper theme – the Story of lives made new, lives rescued, lives transformed. I always feel like my crafty projects are just a tiny echo of these real-life stories of redemption.

You may have caught a theme here, in all the “re’s”. Repurposed. Redeemed. Restored. Reused. Renovated. Rescued. The prefix re- means “again” or “again and again.” How fitting, then, that my name is Rebecca. I want my life to be repurposed, redeemed, restored, reused, renovated, and rescued by my Creator… “again and again”!


  1. Rebecca, I am much older than you (could probably be your mom), but I think we are kindred spirits! I am a pastor’s wife and love the same things! You stopped by my blog, so you probably found that we are grandparents to eleven–three that came through the foster care system. I am loving your blog, and plan to share it with my daughters… Thanks for stopping by!

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