Free Family Meeting Printables

Looking for a cute printable template for family meetings? You’ve come to the right place. This template pack includes 10 designs – so you can mix it up a little each week, or choose your favorite and stick with that!

The four text boxes give you plenty of space to jot things down. Our family meetings usually include:


We like to start out every family meeting with some intentional time of recognizing helpful actions, great attitudes, or anything that went above-and-beyond that week. Anyone in the family can give a “shout-out” to anyone else. Examples might include, “Shout-out to mom for helping me make my science poster!” or “Shout-out to (brother) for giving me a hug when I was crying,” or “Shout-out to (daughter) for helping me bring in all the groceries without complaining yesterday.” You can recognize the shout-out with a cheer, a high five, or with a small token that can add up to earn prizes. Our family keeps a family “marble jar.” Any time someone gets a shout-out, they add a marble to the jar. When our family marble jar gets filled up, that’s our cue to celebrate with a special family outing!

Calendar Notes

A lot of miscommunication (and lack of communication) can be avoided with just a little bit of intentional time looking ahead at the week’s schedule. Updates on sports practices, days off of school, upcoming special events, or changes to the calendar can be covered quickly, but even a little time spent will pay off bigtime in helping everyone get on the same page about the week ahead.

News & Business

This is a dedicated time to bring up questions, concerns, issues, and requests. Mom might remind everyone to please put their cereal boxes away when they are finished with breakfast. A sibling might ask their brothers and sisters to stay out of their room while they are working on a special project. Another might ask if they can use the shed as a clubhouse. Who knows what will come up!? We have just found it very helpful to have a consistent time for clarification, requests, and reminders to be made.

Prayer Requests

And finally, don’t forget to think of family members, neighbors, aquaintances, or even other countries who are in need of God’s help. Spend the last few minutes of your meeting by brainstorming a few of the needs you know of, and then praying about them. Of course you can pray for each other, too, but it always provides a great perspective-shift to spend at least some of your time lifting up the needs of people outside of your own family.

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