Reclaimed Perspective: Running Away From Conflict

“Don’t pull away! You’ll rip it! You have to come towards the problem to fix it.”

My four year old daughter’s lacy blue dress had caught on a sharp piece of decorative metal in the sunroom, and as she tugged, I could see that she was about to break free – but that her dress was about to be ruined.

As soon as I spoke, my words immediately reminded me of all of the times I have tried to solve problems by pulling away from them. Instead of walking towards the people who hurt me or the daily dilemmas I face, I pull away. The tension increases inside of me as I tug, trying to break free. But the swirling conflict and anxiety in my head just rises – threatening to leave a permanent gash in my peace.

What people or problems need a step toward instead of a step away today? What might be solved by walking bravely into the thick of the issue, finding the snag, and releasing the tension? What word of comfort, forgiveness, or apology might set me loose and allow me to walk freely away – with nothing ripped or torn in the process?

Something to think about.

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