Mommy Dayzzzzz

“Mommy, I had an accident!!”

  1. Strip the 4-year old, put her clothes and the rug in the washing machine, and put the 4-year old in the bathtub.
  2. Get out the mop.
  3. While mopping up the “accident”, decide to keep going and mop up some other nearby rooms.
  4. Check back on the 4-year old.
  5. Discover that the 1-year old is also taking a bath… on the bathroom floor… in his clothes.
  6. Take him to his room to get dry clothes.
  7. Notice the halfway put-away warm weather clothes that you were working on sorting into bins yesterday.
  8. Set wet 1-year old down to shove clothes in a bin before they get re-strewn around the house.
  9. Wet 1-year old sees crib and thinks he needs a bottle.
  10. Dry off wet 1-year old, put on dry clothes, and go make a bottle downstairs.
  11. While making bottle, discover that 1-year old is suddenly interested in the kitchen trash.
  12. Go look for cabinet locks for the kitchen cabinet.
  13. When returning with cabinet locks, notice that 4-year old has gotten herself out of the tub and is now wearing a fairy costume… sans undies.
  14. Go upstairs to dig through a bin to find real clothes for her.
  15. Notice mop water has somehow spilled on the carpet.
  16. Put away mop and throw towels on wet carpet.
  17. 4-year old is still sans undies…. 1-year old is still asking for a bottle… the “accident” clothes are still hanging out in the washer… the bin of warm weather clothes is still unsorted… bathwater is still in the tub… cabinet locks are still uninstalled.
  18. Sadly concede that very few tasks are getting checked off your list today. Unless you count halfway finished tasks. Or tasks that were never on your to-do list to begin with.
  19. Hopelessly sink to the floor and stare aimlessly into space.
  20. Sigh, blink a few times, rub your temples, and decide to go read “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” to your children. Somehow, it just feels appropriate.

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