I Don’t Usually Buy New, But When I Do, I Shop At…

I’m more of a thrift store, garage sale, Craigslist kinda girl, but every once in a while there’s something that you really need to buy new. Like diapers. And milk. And underwear (unless you find them at a consignment sale for REALLY cheap… but of course I have never done that. Or have I? I’m not confessing anything). 

Anyway, I do have a few favorite retail stores, and here they are!

1) Aldi

You just cannot beat Aldi’s grocery prices! And the quality of their food has gone way up since I was kid. I feel like I can splurge on the fun foods (like iced mocha drinks, yummy cheese, and pita chips), and I still end up spending less than I would on the basics at a big-box store! 

2) Bed, Bath & Beyond

So – BBB does not have the best prices. However (and this is a big however), they take back anything at any time for any reason. Yeah. So when the electric cord on our toaster oven fritzed, back we went to BBB for a new one. For free! And when the roller on my cordless vac stopped working, back I went for a replacement vac. Or when the lid on my pot got dented…. Well, you get the picture. If we can’t find the household tool or appliance that we need on craigslist, we go to BBB. You can’t beat a lifetime warranty! 

3) Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite go-to stores for most things that feel like a rip-off everywhere else. Envelopes, tape, paper plates, travel mugs, water toys, and even pregnancy tests. And I’ve never had one of their pregnancy tests lie! At $1 instead of $10, that makes checking (and re-checking) your pregnancy status way less stressful. 

4) Target

Well… there is no good reason for me to love Target. I just enjoy wandering their aisles – especially at night when I have no children with me! They are open past bedtime, they have lots of cute clothes/accessories, and every once in a while there are some good clearance finds. Yeah. Like I said, no good reason, but I still like it!

5) Hobby Lobby

With their app, you can get one item 40% off every time you shop there. Plus, pretty much everything in their store goes on a 50% off sale once every couple of months. So if you time it right, or make your big purchases one at a time, you can come up with some pretty good savings! I also love browsing their art and furniture selections – they give me good ideas for new projects! (Not that I really need any more ideas… I have plenty of half-started projects to work on… but new project ideas are always more exciting than old ones!) 

So there you have it. The “Never Retail” girl does shop retail. Never say never!

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