Rockstar Party

When your 4-year-old calls herself a “rockstar-superstar-star” (pronounced as one word), says she has a superpower – “helping people”, and can’t get enough of the Vanna Banana Veggie Tales movie, there is only one logical birthday party theme: Rockstar. 

It wasn’t too hard to pull off! We taped up some black plastic tablecloths (Dollar Tree) across the family room and labeled it the “Dressing Room”. 

As soon as the guests arrived, they entered the Dressing Room to get all glammed up with nail polish, makeup (mostly blush and lip gloss!), accessories, outfits, and of course, tattoos! 

At less than $6 for 6 dozen (sold by Oriental Trading on Amazon), these cute tattoos were hard to beat! 

Once everyone was properly attired, they walked down the red carpet (another plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree) to the stage! This was the unfortunate part… at least for me, although none of the kids knew the difference. My incredibly handy hubby actually built an outdoor stage as our daughter’s birthday present. It only took him a couple of hours, and it’s awesome! However, since the heat index was around 105 the day of the party, we couldn’t go outside to use the stage. We improvised by using an area rug and a backdrop of streamers in the living room – but I was still sad that we didn’t get to use the “real” stage for the party!


 Anyways, back to the party. We let the kids jam out for a few minutes on some toy instruments (all of the ones Grandma and I could “drum” up…) before we played Freeze Dance and a fun Copycat Dance game. For Freeze Dance, we just played a song while they danced. When we paused the song, they were supposed to freeze or they would be “out”… but we just had fun freezing rather than actually throwing anyone out. This was 4-year olds, after all. In the Copycat Dance game, each kid got to take a turn doing some dance moves and having everyone copy him or her. They had some great moves, believe me! 

The biggest game hit was the balloon pop. It was almost like hot potato with balloons, but it ended up that everyone wanted to be stuck with the balloon when the music stopped…. because then they got to pop the balloon! There were fun directions in the balloon that they had to follow once they popped it. Things like “Dance like a gorilla,” “Sing with your tongue out”, and “Play air guitar”. Once they followed the silly directions, we pulled out a new balloon and played again. We probably played at least 10 rounds!

By this time we had all worked up an appetite, so we pulled out the snacks: watermelon cut into star shapes (with cookie cutters), “microphones” made out of round rice krispy treats stuck into sugar cones, and decorate-your-own-cupcakes with star sprinkles. I didn’t take any pictures of the food… I was too busy refilling the kids’ plates. I’m pretty sure none of them ate any dinner after the party that night – sorry, moms! After presents, the kids played with glow sticks and sang Frozen karaoke until it was time to go home.

It was definitely not a “perfect” party. We had our fair share of emotional outbursts, fighting over the presents, and babies trying to eat pieces of popped balloons. And it was loud. Really loud! And the boys at the party didn’t really get into the theme – I think they were a bit overwhelmed by the girlyness. I kinda think I want a do-over of this party another year. Girls always love an excuse to dress up, and there are so many fun dancing/singing/performing games to play. So we just might have another go at the Rockstar theme some year. Let me know if you try it in the meantime!

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