Frozen Party

So…. our two oldest kids have birthdays within a week of each other. And now they are both at an age where they have friends and they want to celebrate their birthdays with those friends. I have already warned (threatened/promised) that next year I will NOT be planning two separate birthday parties. They can share a party. (But of course, we’ll see how I’m feeling come next May!) This year, however, I planned two separate parties. One with a Frozen theme, and one with a Rockstar theme.

First, the Frozen party. 

It is absolutely AMAZING what free printables and ideas you can get online. We printed out a pretty spectacular Frozen banner and Anna and Elsa 3D paper dolls for decorations, printed out food labels for the buffet, and even printed the treat bag toppers (the treat bags contained marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, and an orange tic tac… and said “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”). It was all so cute, so easy, and so free! Throw in a couple bags of snowy cotton balls and some white Dollar Tree tablecloths as curtains, and we’ve got a regular Arendelle going on here!

We started out the party with a really simple craft. Dissolve equal parts Epsom salt and hot water, paint with it on black paper, and when it dries – it looks like ice crystals! Cool!

Next we did a scavenger hunt for pieces of Olaf, and then they got to assemble him piece by piece. The girls got into pairs and each had a clue to one of Olaf’s pieces. 

Next we filled up Sven’s antlers (tights) with balloons (which didn’t work very well… the tights were a little too small!), and put them on our heads for an ice relay! 

Then it was time for dinner and cake! For dinner we had strawberries dipped in white chocolate (frozen hearts), sandwiches (we finish each other’s…), powdered donuts, carrots, and pretzel rods (some people are worth melting for!), and blue jello (icy waters). It was a hit with the kids!

While we ate, the kids put our oldest’s birthday present – a Sing Stand karaoke machine – and our Frozen soundtrack to good use! Too bad you can’t hear the singing through this picture… it was precious.

After opening presents came my personal favorite part of the party. 

SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!! We used a combination of those huge roaster marshmallows and regular-sized marshmallows. It was a gorgeous day outside, so everyone got into it!

I am so relieved that the party turned out to be so much fun… I keep telling people that type A personalities should NOT plan parties. We don’t know when to stop! And there are just TOO many fun and creative ideas online. But despite my anxiety, it all worked out great, we have lots of fun memories from the party, and now I can just relax for the next 11 months!

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