DIY Kitchen: Little Changes Make a Big Difference.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

In the listing, our house was described as having “updated kitchen appliances”. I don’t know exactly how the real estate agent rationalized that statement – except that, yes, they had been updated from the original appliances. But that update had happened 30 years ago. And I don’t know of anyone, except for the previous owners and their real estate agent, who would describe 30-year old appliances as “updated”!

Anyway, between the super-old-looking appliances, two-tone bronze cabinet hardware, wallpaper trim, and lovely white-with-bronze-accents ceiling fan, the kitchen was looking more than a bit dated.

And since we have been putting all of our energy into our basement, we really didn’t feel like doing a paint job… or really much of anything… to our kitchen.

Thankfully, all it took was a 10-year old oven/microwave set that we found on craigslist for $200 (we then sold the 30-year old set for $75), a ceiling fan that was marked way down on Black Friday (we pretty much only shop for home improvement items on Black Friday… we’re weird like that, I guess), some spray paint and new glass shades for the pendant lights, the same spray paint for the cabinet handles, a little wallpaper-removing-magic by my mother-in-law, two new bar stools for $5 each at a garage sale – and voila! A new kitchen!

 Our fridge and dishwasher are still super old, but they aren’t as noticeable as the oven and microwave, and they still work well – so those are another project for another day.
We spray painted the white wires, and then bought new

glass shades to replace the old ones

Our fabulous craigslist score… Maybe someday I will use a gas range, but for now,

this Mama LOVES wiping down that nice smooth top!

The cabinet handles – before and after a little spray paint

Ta-da! A brand new kitchen. Can you believe the difference that a few minor changes can make?

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