He Did It! He Finished the Basement!

Just yesterday my sweet husband said to me, “I don’t want to do any house projects for a while.” And I COMPLETELY agree with him. (Well, maybe except for replacing the ceiling fan in our bedroom… and don’t forget about the bathroom faucets, sweetie! 😉

Todd lived in our basement for almost two months – coming out only for an occasional slurpee from the gas station or to go to work at his real job. He did everything he knew how to do himself (or could figure out how to do by watching YouTube videos), and then hired a few parts of the job out to contractors. For instance, he started out doing the drywall himself, but stalled out after two long weeks of very slow progress. Then the contractor we were hiring to do the mudding and taping told us that he could finish the drywall (which was less than halfway finished) in two hours. We (secretly) laughed at the contractor’s exaggeration, but took him up on it…. and then stared, stunned, at a completely drywalled basement the next day. Sometimes a DIYer just needs a little boost from the experts!

Todd started working on finishing our basement during the last week of March, and we moved the furniture into our brand new basement guest room on May 25th. As I directed a double bed and dresser out of the nursery and into our new basement bedroom, I sighed, “Okay – now we can have the baby.” Baby Boy must have heard me, because I went into labor at 2:30 am that night.

Thank you, Todd – and all of the friends, family, and neighbors who donated your time and tools to this project! Here are some pictures of the finished product….

The view from the stairs. The door straight ahead leads to the guest room.
We found these awesome vintage doors at a huge salvage store downtown. We  inspected and measured dozens and dozens of doors before we found the perfect two doors for our space. This door leads to Todd’s workroom and our storage area.
We wanted a door with a window so that the playroom could get some of the sunlight from the egress window  in the guest room. We installed a room-darkening shade on the inside of the door for privacy when the room is being used.
Here is the guest room… the antique furniture was a wedding gift from relatives.  I’m looking forward to decorating this room someday!
The idea for the room set-up – including the closet location – came from a contractor we got a bid from at the beginning of the basement-finishing process. The doors for the closet came from our entryway closet that we are opening up into more of a “mud room”.
The guest room door with the privacy shade down.
This is the view from the guest room to the stairs leading down into the playroom. The flooring is a laminate floating floor that we found on Craigslist and Todd installed himself.

(Mother-Of-Small-Ones Disclaimer: All cleanliness appearing in these pictures is fictitious. Rooms have been kick-cleaned only, and any resemblance to an actual clean house is purely coincidental.)

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