Don’t Settle for Less!

If I am learning one thing from Craigslisting/garage-saleing/secondhand-shopping, it is to not settle for something that is not exactly what I am looking for. Just because I like to be thrifty and buy things for less than retail, it doesn’t mean that I am willing to take whatever I can find!

Sometimes an item just needs a minor/simple change to make it perfect – like new knobs, some spray paint, or a new purpose. But sometimes, the shape, size, or condition of the item just make them not worth the effort.

We ran into this recently when we were trying to furnish the family room in our new house. This is the first time we have ever had a second living space in one of our homes, so we didn’t have any extra furniture to put in it! I combed Craigslist and local secondhand stores constantly – but after weeks of not finding a sectional that was the right shape/quality/color/etc, we gave up and started to look in all of the nearby retail furniture stores. But still, nothing was quite right – or if it was close, it was way out of our price range. Until one day, when I happened upon a Craigslist posting for a custom-made sectional that had been barely used… and it was absolutely PERFECT  for our space. Like, as in, miraculously perfect. It perfectly frames the room and leaves an inch or two to spare on either wall.

Now I definitely can’t say that this always happens, or that it ever happens in the timing that I want (for instance, I’m still having no luck finding a dining room table), but when it does, it sure makes me glad that I waited for one that was a perfect fit.

(If there was a moral to this story, I think it might apply to my single friends. 😉

And now for some before/after pictures of the family room… it’s still a work in progress, but doing much better now thanks to five coats of paint on the paneling, a clearance rug from a furniture store, and the miracle sectional!



It’s so much fun to start seeing our house becoming more homey, one room at a time!

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