Indoor Treehouse

Before we bought our new (old) house, we noticed that one bedroom had an awkward half-closet with an attic entry hidden inside. It seemed like wasted space in a kids’ bedroom.
But we had a dream – a dream of an indoor treehouse!
So first we took the doors off of the half-closet
And then we painted. Can you tell this is the girls’ bedroom??
And then my genius accountant-turned youth pastor-turned self-taught carpenter husband started doing some woodworkin’ magic in his makeshift basement workroom!
The railing in progress
This is a view of the railing upside-down…he put pieces of wood in-between the rails of the fence to keep them from swiveling.
All assembled and ready to paint!
Testing out the 15 degree angles on the ladder – perfect fit!!
He needed a little help installing the railing.
Amazingly, one of our crib mattresses was a perfect fit inside the treehouse – which means that Mommy doesn’t have to display her lack of sewing skills on THIS project. Now all we need is a light and some curtains, and this cozy indoor treehouse will be complete!

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